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Let see if I can come up with something like my friend endy muhardin did keh keh keh..

Search Anton

Ouuu yeah.. numero uno !

I used to work with SEO company,, infact I developed the early release of the software. Its really a cool software. You can make your website go on top of any SE if you want to. There are methods to do it, there are also diciplines and pricise timings to follow. It was fun to use SEO engine.

But this blog dont need SEO engine, all it takes was to put my name on an ‘h’ tag and title. And cross-reference from other blogs or websites ;)


2 thoughts on “Search Me

  1. Anton Raharja Post author

    when i saw your post i knew that i wasn’t numero uno due to the common name i have hehe.. admit it my name abit general than yours :p i was at top 3, but i knew exactly what i need to make it nomor 1 in 24 hour

    the meta tags (author, desc, keywords etc, not ‘h’ tag) comes after, just to make my lists on SE more readable


  2. Endy Muhardin

    I don’t put my name (maybe you mean meta tag author, description, and keyword) in h tag. Neither do I employ any magic SEO tricks.

    I guess Google puts my blog at the top due to frequently updated content (one post per month is considered frequent :P)


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