Kompas May 24th, Page 16

VoIP Rakyat did something extraordinary to me again. This time, it put me into 1 of the mainstream newspaper in Indonesia, Kompas. You can read a glance of me and me with VoIP Rakyat in page 16 Kompas May 24th, 2007.

This time, again, my status of being unfinished in university follows me. It seems for some people, it has been probably the most interesting part of being me related to my activities 🙂 Well I hope not.

A bit words I wanna add, or hopes that somebody will notice it, is that learning is everything, degree is important, for me things were different.

Note: This is the article.

5 thoughts on “Kompas May 24th, Page 16

  1. Reza

    wah…top deh bisa nampang di Kompas, setengah halaman lagi. Salut om.

    Eh ternyata ex STT Telkom juga to mas 🙂

  2. bakri

    Selamat Maju Jaya Bung Anton. Dont worry too much about the unfinished studies. Bill Gates was also a Harvard drop-out , even Einstein not completed his studies and he’s complaining that education system did not cater for his type of person. 🙂 .

    By looking at your profiles and projects, you are contributing more than what lecturers at universities contributed towards nation development.and that should constitute higher than PHD. 🙂

    Best regards

    Bakri- Kuala Lumpur


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