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Setting Up STUN/TURN Server on meetme.id

This article is about how I setup a STUN/TURN service server on my domain meetme.id, so I do not forget how to do it again later :) You can then use the STUN and/or TURN server on meetme.id from anywhere, any application that requires one or both of them.

meetme.id is a service server that I setup to test and learn the current IP communication technologies such as WebRTC, SIP and XMPP/Jabber. I also try to seriously setup and maintain it so that it can actually be useful to anyone for actual usages on a long-term.


Actual deployment of STUN/TURN server on meetme.id is different than this manual. Current implementation the STUN/TURN server on meetme.id are using different port than the default setup.

Public STUN server address : stun.meetme.id:443

Public TURN server address : turn.meetme.id:443 (UDP/TCP)
Public TURN credential     : public
Public TURN username       : public

This article is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: Installation
  • Part 2: Basic Configuration
  • Part 3: The Test

The server is using Ubuntu Server 14.04 and the STUN/TURN server software is Coturn.

Just in case you’re wondering why you should need to even use a STUN and/or TURN service server, here are some pages to start with:

Ready ? Let’s begin.

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