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In VoIP world, numbering is very important. That is the only way VoIP users can identify other users. For example my sweetheart want to call me, just to say hello and how much she loves me, how much she misses me and want to be with me every…(*cut!!*stop!!!*)

Well anyway, you know what I mean hehe

Last year we got around 15,000 registered users. Each users got their own number, a unique number to identify themselve in VoIP sphere. Mine is 20001, and others starting from 2xxxx up to 37xxxx by now.

Problem comes when IM service getting stable in VoIP Rakyat. Imagine that I have to remember my friend number just to add him/her to my roster (contact) list. Sure easy for me to remember my wife 20102, but it wont be easy for me to remember Kang Onno’s number two-zero-something. At least I became too much rely on the search feature on VRC.

We understand the importancy of naming, beside numbering. Therefor we create new workaround for this. Starting from this year you can use a cool nickname to identify your self. Any names you want to. I’ve picked a very good name to identify my self: anton. See how much the name attach on me :p ??? Sooo much better than advertising as my Jabber/XMPP ID (JID).

So you 3-7-something or any number you are, start by browsing this URL and claim your cool nickname. For you who does not read Bahasa, that URL tell us to logon using our regular Account ID (the-5-digits given number) to the website, and follow menu: Your Cool Username.

When you claim an IM username, you can then have 2 user IDs.

First user ID is for VoIP ID, where you can login using it when connecting through devices such as ITG or ATA, or through softphones like X-Lite or Idefisk.

Second user ID is for IM ID, where you can login using it when connecting through VoIP Rakyat Communicator or any other Jabber/XMPP capable client software like GAIM or Psi.

Until we come up with something better than this (2 user IDs.. bad.. bad..), you’re stuck with us. But at least you can start advertising your name instead of number to your friends now 😉

Fyi, these are my ID’s on VoIP Rakyat:

My VoIP ID: 20001
Full SIP address:

My IM ID: anton
Full Jabber/XMPP address (JID):

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