Banjar v0.8 Released

I just love iptables and tc ! I even create a simple, easy to install easy to use application to make you love them as I do 😀

Version 0.8 contains several enhancements and a few important fixes. Starting from this version Banjar will not just for Indonesian (with IIX stuff hardcoded), but since admin can create a network based on destinations and each network can have their own packages where nodes (former name is client) can select multiple packages, Banjar will be suitable for those having problem configuring Linux bandwidth management or simply loves web-based user interface.

Other enhancements would be the addition of Sqlite3 support. This means that the router managing clients will not need MySQL installed, instead we use a text file based database, Sqlite3.

Don’t forget to always view the latest changelog here:

Latest source code always available on svn repository:

svn co banjar

RT/RW Net are most welcome to test the latest Banjar 🙂

Changlog Banjar v0.8 (update 18 March 2008)
– add support for sqlite3, and make it default, no mysql installed on router
– remove netfilter.iix as we have them on database now, network menu
– remove invoices from nodes
– each network has their own packages
– nodes can select multiple packages
– packet marking using connmark and mark, speed up performances
– fix cacti templates on contribs
– move config*.php to directory conf (conf.example)
– add support for network, group packages and nodes based on destinations
– major changes on database structure (upgrade available)
– add support for registry, dynamic configurations stored in a database table

Dive into to get the latest source code, svn repository, view demo, statistics and tracker.

I need help, please contribute by simply submitting bugs and requests to tracker.

Bandwidth shaping in Linux is easy, we can help optimizing and perfecting the tool, we can help each other by contributing knowledges 😉


6 thoughts on “Banjar v0.8 Released

  1. decon

    humm layak dicoba nih .. 🙂

    matur suwun OM .. 🙂

    lam kenal .. 🙂

    btw OOT nih gimana caranya update repo Ubuntu kalo di proxy office pake ISA terus ada join domain segala .. dah coba masukin join domainnya tetep nggak bisa 🙁

  2. fajar

    Mas Anton,
    Saya sudah install di Centos dan jalan, cuma bingung cara ngaturnya.
    Bisa kasih gambaran general cara kerja dan setupnya ngga yah? Dulu kayaknya dulu ada keterangannya di websitenya Mas Anton, tapi skrg ngga ketemu lagi.
    Terima kasih Mas.

  3. Burkass Tchaikovsky

    maaf mas saya kok ada pesan gini ya ,,,,
    Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0

    Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required ‘/opt/lampp/htdocs/banjar/index.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/lampp/lib/php’) in Unknown on line 0



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