Insomnia for Jingle

Hey! My insomnia fever visits me again! Yup, im able to stay focus after hours of coding and thinking of new inovations 😉 Having a wife that loves you so much does cast away the fever, but no you can’t really detain an ‘opreker’. Opreker is a way to say that Im not a rocket science scientist but I did play with rockets hehe.

Scanning the Internet for only an hour, I’ve collected hundreds of materials to build new something. One that light up the lamp on my head was the funny word: Jingle. I did also an SVN update to software related to the funny word, Spark and Wildfire, and found out that those guys at already start working with the funny word. Interesting.

The funny word, Jingle, is actualy a protocol to establish multimedia sessions peer-to-peer on top of the famous open standard Instant Messaging protocol XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). When it become stable, in the future, soon, we can build our own Skype if we want to. It will inherit the best feature of XMPP, federated network. Interesting.

The lamp on my head bright enough to talk me into this. After hours, I found my self looking, searching, typing, thinking over bunch of Java codes (which im not very good at, but im so damn excited). Yes my friend, Im playing with Jingle on Spark 😉

So.. what’s that tell ya??..

There’s a good chance that Spark will replace Pandion for next releases of VoIP Rakyat Communicator. We’ll see ’bout that 😉

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