Introducing Docker for playSMS

This week I spent my time to understand more about Docker. It looks like something useful that I may use in the future, or now.

Hooking playSMS project with Docker seems reasonable, Docker will make playSMS installation easier, much faster and consistent. So I did. I setup a new Free and Open Source Software project to learn more about Docker and how it can be used to install playSMS.

Here is the playSMS Docker project:

The project has a README file that contain information on how to build a Docker image and how to use my image.

With this project you can build the Docker image your self and then you can customize it, add your own stuff and make it better.

I also have uploaded my own image based on the project for you who want to just use it to install playSMS in Docker style.

You may ask questions, help me answer some questions and discuss stuffs related to this project here:

If you are new to Docker, prepare to spend 15 to 30 minutes to browse Docker website and try it. Starts here:

Oh, a tip, I use a Droplet in DigitalOcean to try Docker and write the project, it’ll save time on setups and downloads.

I would like you to get involved by trying the solution I tried to provide and fixing what I did wrong. I would be happy to gain some feedback, let me know. Thanks.


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