When I Label My Self as a User

One of the thing that opensource developers should know about is that most users will always ripp-off your hard work, downsizes your dedications, never shown gratitude and never giving back.

Na those aren’t always the truth aren’t they 🙂

When I said ‘most users’, it also means that some of users, a little part of the sociaty, are welcoming you with joyful feelings, give you what you deserved. Shown respect and gratitude, asking with manners, politely writing you comments, thoughtfully (hopes this word exists :p) suggests and recommends.

Na those aren’t always what you need aren’t they 🙂

Users should not be ‘lusers’ as decribed by Eric Steven Raymond and opensource developers should not be leader of an ancient tribes that needed respects and ask for sacrifice every full moon. Users on an opensource software development are equaly important as developers, without them there is no such word as ‘contribution’ exists.

When you’re a user, remember that you can’t be ignorance because whatever comes from you, users, are defining the course of developments. Fyi, turn right and left aren’t entirely up to developers, really. So when you know you’re that important, you should understand that you ought to have respect for your self. You are part of the history makings so behave like one.

Am I not a man with feelings ? Can I just ask ‘how’ when I can live with ‘where’ ? Should I take without giving back ? Again, am I not a man with feelings ??

Have a word with your ego, decide wether you want tobe a respected part of a history making or be nothing but a time sink 😉

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