Duh nasip, serasa kena tipu XL

Saya kesal sekali hari ini dengan operator GSM XL produk xplor, billing nya ngga akurat, limit nya palsu. Sialan!

Selain permainan kata2 dan marketing, mungkin.. lain kali saya perlu hati2 baca term of use atau term and condition nya.. mungkin disana ada keterangan bahwa penggunaan akses data (GPRS dan 3G) tidak dibatasi oleh limit xplor.. bodoh nya saya ga hati2..

Hari itu limit saya sudah tinggal 10-20rb an lah, lagian saya sengaja limit xplor saya hanya 300rb karena baru 1 bulan pakai, sial bener saya hari itu juga saya kena tagihan sebesar 688rb penggunaan GPRS ! kirain bakal mati sendiri kalo udah lewat limit..

anton raharja

Friend or foe

One of my friend thought that the whole world against him. That we are the enemy, we are the enemy sneaked into his territory and cost him severe damages, irreplaceable.

Funny I should say, the only enemy that dire to wound him would be.. him self…

Kompas May 24th, Page 16

VoIP Rakyat did something extraordinary to me again. This time, it put me into 1 of the mainstream newspaper in Indonesia, Kompas. You can read a glance of me and me with VoIP Rakyat in page 16 Kompas May 24th, 2007.

This time, again, my status of being unfinished in university follows me. It seems for some people, it has been probably the most interesting part of being me related to my activities :) Well I hope not.

A bit words I wanna add, or hopes that somebody will notice it, is that learning is everything, degree is important, for me things were different.

Note: This is the article.

IP-PBX Workshop with MNCC

MNCC is abbreviation of Malaysian National Computer Confederation. They are hooked-up with governments to conduct trainings on IT, and probably more. Monday, 7 May 2007, they asked me to be the speaker on their IP-PBX workshop. So I did.

The workshop titled “IP-PBX In A Day”, conducted at Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Most of the participants were government’s officials. There were also from Thailand and Singapore.

I was very exciting to be given that opportunity. And I was happy at the end of workshop they were managed to understand I would say more than half of the material.

Jendela Dunia

Gara-gara VoIP Rakyat dan Open Source, hari Senin lalu saya di-interview dan diambil gambarnya untuk acara “Jendela Dunia” di MetroTV. Kata mereka (orang produksi acara) akan ditampilkan di MetroTV pada acara “Jendela Dunia” hari Sabtu besok 28 April 2007 pukul 11.30 – 12.00 siang.

Pertama e-Lifestyle, sekarang Jendela Dunia ;)

Dari 2 jam pengambilan film katanya hanya 8 menit yang diambil, itu sudah termasuk saya ngajar, meeting dengan tim dan 2 rekan saya, Sindu Irawan dan Endy Muhardin, memberi komentar tentang saya dan Open Source.

Rasa-rasanya sih saya belum cukup pantas untuk diangkat profil nya, apalagi dalam dunia Open Source, tapi seseorang pastinya telah merekomendasikan saya pada mereka, maka jadilah :)

Uh.. perpanjang SIM

Maret lalu saya harus memperpanjang SIM setelah telat 1 bulan (1 bulan nakal jalan2 kemana2 ngga pake SIM yang valid).

Perpanjang SIM di Bekasi itu seperti ini:

1. Ke ruang fotokopi, fotokopi KTP 2 lembar, bayar Rp 1.000,-
2. Ke ruang kesehatan untuk mendapatkan surat sehat, bayar Rp. 10.000,-
3. Ke ruang asuransi untuk mendapatkan surat asuransi, bayar Rp. 15.000,-
4. Ke ruang keuangan, bayar Rp. 60.000,- (SIM baru Rp. 70.000,-)
5. Tunggu antrian untuk foto
6. Ke ruang foto untuk foto wajah dan tanda-tangan (bawa sisir sendiri)
7. Tunggu antrian untuk mendapatkan SIM baru
8. Ambil SIM baru dari loket pengeluaran SIM
9. Ke ruang asuransi untuk mendapatkan kartu asuransi (SIM baru syaratnya)


Total waktu yang dilalui dari menit memasuki kantor samsat Bekasi sampai dapat SIM baru adalah: tidak lebih dari 1 jam.

Total dana keluar: Rp. 86.000,- (ongkos taxi excluded).


Tidak ada oknum polisi nakal, tidak ada calo.

Search Me

Let see if I can come up with something like my friend endy muhardin did keh keh keh..

Search Anton

Ouuu yeah.. numero uno !

I used to work with SEO company, http://www.charlierobot.com, infact I developed the early release of the software. Its really a cool software. You can make your website go on top of any SE if you want to. There are methods to do it, there are also diciplines and pricise timings to follow. It was fun to use SEO engine.

But this blog dont need SEO engine, all it takes was to put my name on an ‘h’ tag and title. And cross-reference from other blogs or websites ;)

When I Label My Self as a User

One of the thing that opensource developers should know about is that most users will always ripp-off your hard work, downsizes your dedications, never shown gratitude and never giving back.

Na those aren’t always the truth aren’t they :)

When I said ‘most users’, it also means that some of users, a little part of the sociaty, are welcoming you with joyful feelings, give you what you deserved. Shown respect and gratitude, asking with manners, politely writing you comments, thoughtfully (hopes this word exists :p) suggests and recommends.

Na those aren’t always what you need aren’t they :)

Users should not be ‘lusers’ as decribed by Eric Steven Raymond and opensource developers should not be leader of an ancient tribes that needed respects and ask for sacrifice every full moon. Users on an opensource software development are equaly important as developers, without them there is no such word as ‘contribution’ exists.

When you’re a user, remember that you can’t be ignorance because whatever comes from you, users, are defining the course of developments. Fyi, turn right and left aren’t entirely up to developers, really. So when you know you’re that important, you should understand that you ought to have respect for your self. You are part of the history makings so behave like one.

Am I not a man with feelings ? Can I just ask ‘how’ when I can live with ‘where’ ? Should I take without giving back ? Again, am I not a man with feelings ??

Have a word with your ego, decide wether you want tobe a respected part of a history making or be nothing but a time sink ;)